What Do Women's Health Specialist Services Include? Online Nutrition Coach in Greensboro-North-Carolina

As obesity rates, health-care costs, and a focus on avoidance all rise, so does the health realm: It's set to be the next trillion-dollar industry, according to data from personal marketing research firm Women's Marketing Inc., in partnership with Rodale (the publisher of Women's Health). It's no marvel that wellness coaching is one of the fastest-growing areas of the general training industry.

And there's the catch: Because the specialized is still fairly brand-new, there's no company that guarantees all wellness coaches get proper training and stay with standardsor requires them to have any credentials. Anybody can hang out their shingle as a health coachthe mother who has read a couple of books about nutrition, the fitness instructor at the gym, or your multilevel-marketing Facebook pal who's constantly hawking supplements.

"The word wellness is quite unclear, so that might contribute to the problemand there's a risk that unqualified coaches could do more damage than good," states Webster. "Reliable coaches are interested in having a dialogue with your health-care provider," states integrative medicine physician Pamela Yee, M.D.

"They should be able to describe what they do and why they do itand it shouldn't be should not prescribing you recommending program," says MooreStates "The point of coaching is to help you find your personalized path to health," says Moore.



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